Praise God for the Botts

Commentary by Jim Day

Publisher, St. Louis MetroVoice


    Just prior to the elections, on the way back from the Post Office, I was listening to Christian radio station KSIV.  I don’t remember whether it was their AM station (AM 1320) or their FM station (FM 91.5), but I do remember almost driving off the road because, to my surprise and shock, I heard a campaign ad for Barack Obama.  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Obama’s voice talking about ‘family values’.  I knew where Obama stood on ‘family values’.  He had already stated that his first act as President would be to pass the Freedom of Choice Act which will overturn all state’s limitations on abortion. As I write this commentary he’s looking at reversing President Bush’s Executive Order to limit federal spending on embryonic stem cell research, which, if he does, will mean that millions if not billions of our tax dollars will be spent on killing innocent human life.

    I also knew where the Bott’s stood on family values -- particularly when it comes to the sanctity of human life. The Bott’s have always been champions of the unborn.
    Needless to say, the minute I got back to office I was on the phone talking to Donna, one of the secretaries at KSIV.  Donna proceeded to explain to me that the Bott Radio Network had to accept Obama’s ads because the government required radio stations to accept political ads from all candidates running for federal office.  She then asked me if I had heard Rich Bott’s commentary regarding Obama’s ad.  (Rich is the Executive VP of the Bott Radio Network and son of Dick and Sherley Bott the founders of Bott Radio.)  I said “no”, so she asked me to hold on while she looked on the schedule to find out when the next time Rich’s commentary would be aired. About a minute later she informed me that the Obama ad was scheduled to run at 2 p.m. and at 2:20 Rich’s commentary would be aired.  At 2:15 my ears were glued to the radio and at 2:20 sharp this is what I heard:    

    “Friends, this is Rich Bott. We’ve learned that the Barack Obama campaign has purchased advertising on Christian radio stations across the country, including some Bott Radio Network stations. We want you to know that the government requires radio stations to accept political advertising from all candidates for federal office. However, we can tell you the rest of the story. In his advertising now running on Christian radio, Barack Obama claims to represent family values, but that claim simply is not true.

    At the Saddleback Forum, Senator Barack Obama told Pastor Rick Warren that to determine when a baby should get human rights is “above his pay grade.” He also promised Planned Parenthood that, if elected president, his first priority is to pass the Freedom of Choice Act which would overturn all statewide limitations on abortion. He voted four times against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Barack Obama is ranked #1 as the most liberal member of the Senate, even more liberal than Bernie Sanders from Vermont, the Senate’s only self-proclaimed socialist. His running mate, Joe Biden, is ranked #3. Both Obama and Biden support so-called gay rights and oppose the California Marriage Amendment that would protect the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman. Obama’s position on family values is exactly wrong.

    His opponent, John McCain, has a solid pro-life voting record and promises pro-life policies in his administration. Additionally, McCain and Palin support traditional marriage and endorse the California Marriage Amendment. That’s why pro-family leaders across the nation are opposing Obama and Biden and planning to vote for the McCain Palin ticket on November 4.

    The government requires us to air Obama’s paid political commercials, but we are not required to keep his money. We’ve decided to ‘spread his wealth around’ by donating the proceeds from his advertising to those pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers which his policies would oppose. We thought you’d like to know.”

    I laughed out load at the irony.  The Bott’s were donating Obama’s money to the very people who were saving the babies which his polices will kill.  Sweet!

    Praise God for the Bott’s.  Praise Jesus for this family of courageous heroes.  Praise God we have such a family that stands as a beacon of light in a dark and sinful world broadcasting the Truth of God’s Word and standing tall for righteousness.